Mark Davis

Professional Pilot Qualifications

I am a flying instructor certified to conduct training for the PPL and Night Rating, and revalidate the SEP class rating. I hold a frozen ATPL which, supported by a class 1 medical certificate, comprises the following:

  • CPL(A): Commercial Pilot's Licence (Aeroplane)

  • IR-SP-ME: Single-Crew Multi-Engine Instrument Rating

  • ATPL Theoretical Knowledge: For future issue of an Air Transport Pilot's Licence

  • MCC: Multi-Crew Cooperation Course

  • JOC: Jet Orientation Course

  • Advanced UPRT: Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

I am incredibly proud that each of these required minimum training and were first-series passes.

Community Management

I hold Facebook Blueprint Certification as a Community Manager, and am using this qualification to build various aviation related communities online, with the sole interest of improving safety and competence in aviation through encouragement of proper training that continues far beyond license issue, openly sharing advice, discussing current affairs, recent accident investigations and so on.

The Facebook Certified Community Manager certification exam measures the advanced comprehension and strategic application of best practices and standards for online community management. People who take this exam possess the required digital skills to build, manage, and grow online communities, and have knowledge of the policies and regulations related both to their own verticals, as well as platform policies and regulations.